The ninth dungeon, unlocked after the party speaks to a person in Uhlm Zakir Hall, this bright caves consist of four floors, each with a floor master named Nagu.

The first three floors have several mining points and the bottommost floor is darkened by a black mist, making navigation difficult.

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31.The enemy

Started by encountering Nagu (the floormaster) in Afum Zar Light Cave B1F. Defeat him four times (once on each level of the cave) to complete.

32.Mysterious shining pot

Started by encountering a light monster in Afum Zar Light Cave B2F (x8,y3), you will obtain a glowing pot. Use the pot to absorb spheres of light in the following locations: B1F (x3,y2), B2F (x3,y2) and (x10,y18), B3F (x10,y18) and (x16,y5) , finally go to B4F (x13,y19) and (x14,y1).

Reward:+2 Light Seal

33.Gold-eating monster

This event is given by a man at the tavern who joins the party,once you bring the man to the Light Cave with you and open the locked door at B1F(x16,y19) he will turn against the party, defeat him and claim your reward(s).

Note: the man is a thief named Geed, and is accompanied by a Phantom and a Burglar.

Rewards: 5000 gold, Illusion Drop and Hunter Guard.

Trivia Edit

This dungeon shares the same music theme as the Degus Gila Ice Cave.

This is the only dungeon where the same floor master must be defeated on every floor.

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Music Edit

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Entrance01:35

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Middle01:35

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Middle

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Depths02:09

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Depths

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