A fighter / mage that can use Tarot and thieving abilities. They can use surprisingly good gear. Basically your all-in-one superclass.

Class: Tarot: They can use the Tarot abilities.

Class: Musical Instrument: They can use special musical Items

Mastery: Physical Power Up (Max 226.9%)

Mastery: Tempt Fate: Tarot draw success rate up

Starting Class: B. They can pass up mage spells, but learn them very slowly. They can't pass up anything else, so why not just play as a mage?

Ending Class: B. Tarot is nice, but very very random. They can equip better gear than quite a few hybird frontline classes. They get better towards the end of the game as they get more and more gear.

No Class Change: B. They have a lot of utility, but they gain even more if they have Alchemist and Priest spells.

Apparently in Elminage 3 you could replace all your slots with Musical Instruments. You cannot do that in Gothic.

They don't get Magic Up, so they're not as good as Bishops or Mages, but can be your spellcaster till the final boss. Postgame, you'll want to replace them. Level 24 to get all 9s.

The more you use Tarot, the worse your success at it is. You can repair this by using the Inn or some of the Herbs. Goblin Mages drop or can have swords stolen from them that are useful for Bards in the mid game.