• The Tomato Fairy

    The adventurers are staying at the tavern after exploring most of the areas entrusted to them by the king, they decided to speak with one of the patrons at the bar. Striking out in the distance, Calian, a small red-headed gnome, approached the tall soldier in a golden armor. "My dear sir, what are the likes of you doing at a place like this?"

    He mentioned over an employer ordering for him to assassinate a witch, but found the witch to be a tough opponent on his own. He will pay in advance for adventurers who agree to the task. The red-headed gnome, wondering why a witch would be in a volcano, looked at her party members. Samantha, a yellow, towering and tall dragonewt, nodded and approached the mercenary. "We agree to go for the task, for t…

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  • The Tomato Fairy


    May 29, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    I finished the quests at Afum Zar Light Caves, recruited a Demon Fox, fully explored the Nga-Nga Magic Volcano (remember to use Soasero before jumping off cliffs so you won't get burnt from lava!), Great Tree Yap Gotz, Degus-Gila Ice Caves and Hastrana.

    I don't know what else to do, aside from done Royal Tomb. There's said to be fifteen tablets around at the last floor. Maybe I really ought to make a new file, but I don't want to quit just yet. I want to complete everything for the map pages so when I come back, it would be easier than dealing with the cluster screw.

    ...Also, with editing the wiki over monster pages. I want to format it in a nice way, where it would look neat with different tabs and pages in a user-friendly way. Well, each t…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I made this very basic table, though I'm still not the CSS wiz I want to be. Eh.

    Anyway, before I forget there are three arcs in the story, with three subplots, though Soldier of the Giant Gods and Caves of the Ancient follow the events automatically given out by the king. The first one is due to the minister and the disappearances of the villagers and adventurers. Second arc exploring more over the ritual with Youth following the cult to revive the dark god Cyclanos. The very last part is the revival of Cyclanos itself.

    The first subplot is over the Soldier of the Giant Gods, which is the insides of the Giant God. Caves of the Ancient is the old world that was sea;ed by the Gods, of whom I'm not sure of. Last one requires the tablets from a…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I made a table to be filled up for Key Items, which I got from ITEM_PRIZ. But I want to color code the dungeon areas over its respective areas. Sad thing is, I can't remember where the items are located, nor right now, the areas itself.

    Too tired to think. Here it is. I'm worried it's too girly, in comparison to the game's dark feel. Got the colors here.

    Key Item Events Location Area
    Great Tree Delicacy
    Great Tree Yap Gotz

    Abandoned Mine Key

    Western-style Key

    Red Leather-bound Book

    Jail Key

    Subterranean Freshwater

    Azure Key

    Momento Necklace

    Clean Water

    Unclean Water


    Faded Charm

    Azure Key

    White Woman Carving

    Black Mermaid Carving

    Shining Stone

    Heart of the Flame

    Glowing Pot

    Soul-Removing Mirror

    Treasury Key

    Great Sorceror's Skeleton

    Glittering Sap

    Great Sor…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I won't be able to play, unless if I get a new controller. Nooo. :(

    Update: Well, I got used to the keyboard controls.

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I finished the Four Masters!!!

    Also I want to correct some misinformation that I had posted, if those Events aren't enough. I didn't do the quests in order, and it haven't affected much of the story either. In fact, it prepared me more? During the next playthrough, I'll try going through it in order. Somehow. JP Wiki has lots of good information over it, to which the original author got it from.

    • Giving water towards the servant -- clear or murky still finishes the quest. However, due to whatsoever reason, only the first water picked up would be given to him. Guatella Grotto's clean water is, in no way, related to it at all.
    • The missing husband quest isn't the servant, nor are they related. All the dungeons stick to that dungeon, they aren't o…
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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I went back to Guatella Grotto and found a secret passage at the side, to which I fought a giant red Cockatrice, a doll and very clear water that might be the best solution for the thirsty man. Then a statue that isn't moving.

    Considering even the clean spring water in the secret door at Dezaporlia tunnel is said to be hinted that it MIGHT be bad since it came from the ceiling. An adventurer commented how this water is the best water he had ever tasted, too. I accidentally killed the guy at the Dezaporlia Tunnel for giving dirty water. It's needed for the sundial in Caves of the Ancient, a doll and a portrait. Portrait is found in the Soldiers of the Giant God.

    So floors in, I fought the Master of Nothingness due to wearing woolen shoes, the…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I'm putting this over the second playthrough I'd do, once I finish the game. I'm aiming for three females, two males and one male transexual. I'm aiming for diversity with all, with one dragonewt in case of emergency.

    Dwarf is known for high strength but low intelligence, so it will make for a good Brawler. Need a mage, which will be a werewolf now, which is known for balanced stats that start at age five until sixty. It'd turn into Samurai. A bishop gnome, which boasts a high piety stat would be perfect!

    A Werewolf thief turned Ninja, too will be good. Transexual human Alchemist. Dragonewt Cleric, due to high vitality. Will turn into samurai for Tammy's memoir, while keeping some cleric spells. I'll make an evil party. I got the names from …

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    It was an elaborate maze, of guts and a huge artery. With creepy pulsey sounds. Pretty much keep exploring the area, thankfully there are no secret doors. Go back down to 8F, X13 Y17 until you meet the Researcher, go back up to B5F X11 Y11 to kill the blob that emerges from the spherical object then go back down to talk to the guy.

    He will compliment you and attempt to slay you to turn your body into the next giant god. With his dying words, he'd mention over how the party can be stronger than King Van.

    Afterwards, the king ordered to explore another dungeon with research experiments with four old men in the Cave of the Ancient..

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Thankfully I only got one character to drink it, though it was my favorite Skunk Girl, Soap. Soap's a Beast class but her race changed to ??? and lifespan got shortened up to 18. So when she slept in the inn, she reached maximum age, then passed away. I'm not sure if their lifespan really is like that, I know devilish races live long.

    Basically the medicine said "Drink this, and I shall grant you great demonic powers." in the Ishmag Underground Sanctum. This is annoying, and do not ever drink the black liquid. I left her in the tavern, hoping my theory over her dying would halt. I mean, the bishop is 500 years old, way over-aged but he haven't died yet.

    I got far in the Soldiers of the Giant Gods! B7F!

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    This is the first of the three bonus dungeons, after the Ishmag Underground Church. Not much had happened, aside from exploring the nooks and cranny, a wonderland filled with ice and tough enemies.

    I should've took down the monsters that appear in the area, but I found a door leading to a red filled area compared to the Ice Caves. It's at X: 9 Y:10. Then, Boumit complaining over his throat hurting at X2, Y8.

    I just used Diomente in the ice portion of the dungeon while in battle, and "It hit the stone" instead of teleporting to a random area in the dungeon and my whole party died. Which is a nice touch, considering the top-most area had spiked ice. Good touch, game.

    The doors appear similar to intestines, with nerves sticking out with the wall…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Where to begin...Cyclanos is tough. Very tough. He has a chance of inflicting all the status effects, including beheading, have high AC and attacks 3 times in one succession, multiple times. Has high HP, and heals 400-ish HP per turn, too! The first time I went in battle I lost over not caring over buffing, he shuffled the turn too. If you got unlucky, multiple rows of Dark Lords who can level-drain the guys.

    But what saved me is using Hallobakarn before, then buffing it up with the -20 AC spell. Despite that, it still haven't negated the damage of Dark Crystal. It was tough.

    I used up Holy Sword, and it increased my Piety. Old Scriptures petrified my Devilish character (because, duh. >_>), while Magic Shield restored MP. Hehe, finally finis…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I went back to the Ishmag Underground Sanctum after there was a person talking about being eaten by a huge spider. There are stones which changed into eggs after unlocking the quest, which when burnt, insects would come out.

    I went back to the second floor's bell after seeing all of those things (not burnt them yet), defeating the huge spider and a Queen Bee and Insect Lord attacked the party. The bell disappeared and I picked up a Calamity Bow.

    I don't think it's bell, but eggs.

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I finished the area: the first floor a bloody basement similar to the Uhlm Zakir hall, but with locked jailed doors, succeeding floors blue. As I went through towards the area, there is a Jailer who gave me a key to get into the locked doors. It is necessary for the quest, Captive Beauty with a mysterious ghost named .

    Getting out of the dungeon would lead to her saying that she can't leave, or disappearing from the party.

    I advice to enter the different ladders in the dark areas to explore. Then going through pits in another darkened area in B4F to get in B5F leading to finishing the quest with Layer, and fighting the in-game spider boss.

    Save frequently, as there is a chance of being level-drained, due to La Flaneuse and the Dark Lord's hig…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I've been unlucky downloading malware so I only stick to online programs,but XnView doesn't have any of these schemey programs.

    Now I converted a lot of the DDS images into PNG, and can view them too! All I need is...renaming them and putting it in a diff folder. >_>

    Yay! I can resume the uploading!

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Ishmag Castle

    April 26, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    The article over Ishmag Castle didn't go as long as I like, and I haven't noticed the choppy writing over "Monster Encyclopedia". At least I had made it. I can clean it up better. Besides, I put images and buttons on it, of which I forgot how to make the button into something that a user can click on.

    Once I finish good location pages, I'll put it in the table of contents. I want to make the main page of the wiki filled with information over locations and buildings.

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I spent the entire day trying to make sense into it, and I can understand it but -- there's no items over the Monster CSV file. :( But I got the meaning of certain skills.

    There's a compass in the Japanese version, as well as a class that can do banking and cooking. So that explains where Gutsy Proprietress got her Frying Pan +2 from! There's also the donate function in the Lohagara temple.

    At least I was able to pick up info, like Double-Strike Configuration are those race weaknesses. I presume it's how much damage you can dole out due to being able to be fast enough? Might take awhile, though I WILL go into the music soon after fixing up my mess.

    The XP cheat affects the monster encyclopedia entry so thankfully I caught it early before addi…

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  • The Tomato Fairy


    April 25, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    Music are to be added on "Videos" on top, until I decide to compile all of it in one playlist. Here's the first few, at least. This will be updated. The Tomato Fairy (talk) 13:27, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

    Hi, hi. I removed it due to how it might spoil those who were going to get into the game. I'll give the updated version, BUT I got distracted with in-game images! Who knew that you can change the color scheme into pink? Or even had the chat function and compass. There are images for skills, too! The Tomato Fairy (talk) 16:58, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

    • Uhlm Zakir Hall
    • Uhlm Zakir Basement
    • Uhlm Zakir B3F

    Here it is. Sorry. I still can't find the logo... :(

    • Rosslie Ruins 1F

    I lost the others while conversion, but this is good. --The Tomato Fairy (talk) 08:36…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I lost what I wrote earlier, so I rewrote it again. I think this is more fitting with the header. Like, people go to the wiki to know what is going on, so this belongs in the first page. This is a page explaining over the locations of the kingdom.

    In the Kingdom of Ishmag, the king issued a decree over figuring out the reason for the disappearances of the deaths and injuries of travelers. The pinpointed cause of it is the Caves of Tsun-Kurn, which is teeming with monsters, bloodstains and skeletons lying around.

    To find out the reason of the catastrophes that's going to happen, as well as its consequences is the aim here.

    This is a place where travelers and townsfolks gather to talk, relax and enjoy themselves from the stress, as well as form …

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  • The Tomato Fairy


    April 24, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    Here's a table with the images. I batch converted files here. Tarot cards deserve their own page, huh.

    If you're curious over the detailed tarot effects, head over there. I'll edit this, and hopefully make a page for this.

    No. Name Image

    00 The Fool

    01 The Magician

    02 The High Priestess

    03 The Empress

    04 The Emperor

    05 The Hierophant

    06 The Lovers

    07 The Chariot

    08 Justice

    09 The Hermit

    10 Wheel of Fortune

    11 Strength

    12 The Hanged Man

    13 Death

    14 Temperance

    15 The Devil

    16 The Tower

    17 The Star

    18 The Moon

    19 The Sun

    20 Judgement

    21 The World Read more >
  • The Tomato Fairy

    Bad news.

    April 24, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    My computer has malware and I can't get the other charger to work, so I have to rename the pictures again. =-= Good news, my eyesight will get better and I'm soon about to try Elminage Original.

    I got my boyfriend to make an article for me while I was out. How sweet. ^_^

    Okay, time for work!    

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Okay, it turns out some of it is in the Official Manual, and I forgot.

    The weird thing is, AC does lessen the damage, instead of increase its rate of dodging. I had it compared over using AC decrease and -20 AC skill. Also, when I used the group lowering AC spell in battle it had the shield on it. Okay, I'll write in the official guide def.

    Besides, ARMOR CLASS. I don't mean to be rude, but it doesn't make sense over how defend increases your capability to dodge. Now I have to edit the page...

    What the does Atk rate do? I'm going by the DnD meaning of it, like increasing the agility or how fast they'd attack in the turn.

    In inns, it said that it only affects Vitality and SP recovery, not stat gains.

    • Alignment: Characters' creed based on good, neutr…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I put in small, medium and large, and it didn't occur to me it should be short, medium and long-ranged. Also, over wrong descriptions in the monsters and item pages, I'd correct them soon.

    My eyesight is really bad and sometimes I get excited making pages, too... :(

    I finished Uhlm Zakir again, at least.

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Lost my file!

    April 23, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    I was at the Royal Tomb, then Elminage Gothic failed to open -- then bam, it's gone. Now I have to repeat Uhlm Zakir Hall.

    Oh well. =_= Better than all files randomly being gone? This really sucks, though.

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Attack rate isn't hitting multiple times. I think it might be over adding more strength. I don't know yet. It might be how fast they attack? It was so with the Quick Dagger, which had 7 Atk Rate. This was so due to Elven Axe, having quite high attack rate.

    Agh. x__x I checked the wiki, and I made a mistake over what Group Attack and Vigilance meant, either..I can either go back and correct every page, or simply make new ones and remember it. My conscience would tell me to change everything, though.

    Makes me glad I didn't make too many monster pages with erronous data. Eh, keep going and learning. At least I'm trying to interpret data for people (and myself) to understand.

    Also, I have another proof over how Ghostlight mistranslate "Water" and…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Main means main-handed weapon which is equipping a weapon with its dominant hand, sub-handed weapon being the non-dominant hand. Double meant using both hands for a weapon.

    Taking account what this means, it might be that main-handed and sub-handed weapon over the monster pages meant that it is capable of inflicting whatever status ailment with it's main and/or sub-handed weapon.

    I added flameberge and long-sword and fixed up the pages, so it is somewhat neater now! Now I can work on adding new pages. I put the correct template to be copypasted in weapon template and monster template so that I can remember to just input the information instead of copy-pasting it from one-article and replacing it with another information.

    I kinda...forgot to a…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    ...I messed up a lot of information here. In the weapons page it doesn't look consistent nor neat at all due to its differing format with the titles and putting in information. I don't have a uniform way of adding information easily.

    I'm wondering if I can make an infobox template like that, and all I need is to input information. Like, copy-pasting it all. It was possible with info doc so it should be with monsters info box

    But the problem here is that I don't exactly know what some of the stats mean. What's the difference between a weapons attack frequency towards certain races, what the heck is sub and resist and how exactly does main, sub and resist work? Resist is resistance towards an element, status ailment or race right?

    They put an X…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    I find it cool that despite my horrible eyesight, I was able to type up stuff for the wiki! It's more than 300 at this rate, which is, Everything is all blurry. I should have went ahead and gotten LASIK check-ups, but I didn't like the costs (we're not wealthy, you know.) and side-effects, especially when I was hoping to pursue freelance.

    Reminds me that I can't tell whether I can do something or not, unless if I go ahead and do it. If it's wrong, I can just come back to correct it.

    I was able to do...oh great, I can't remember the articles I made. I think it Crud.  This sucks. I remember fixing the class chart a bit, tried typing out a new class chart page then bam, I already wrote one a year ago.

    It was some monster and…

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  • The Tomato Fairy


    April 21, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    I'm still lost at the Light Cave, haven't finished Hastrana and progressed over Uhlm Zakir Hall. I felt bad about it, really since I want to add as much info as I can. Elminage Gothic has no completed walkthrough either, unless if the Japanese Wiki counts as this one but it uses the 3DS version.

    If there is an LP of this game that I know of, please link it to me. If not, um. I' I'll just assume that no help will come. I want to add at least one God race so I can make a table as well as a walkthrough. I can just do what I know of, like the first dungeon and some of it. I remember being confused over Great Yap Gotz, too.

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Mysterious C and Sacrifice turned Succubus isn't related, but Mysterious C is abandoned due to persecution of hybrids while Sacrifice was sacrificed to prevent heretics and her lover let them take her.

    I'd probably write down the quests if I do finish it. I finished Rosslie Ruins and beat Grate, the fiend there and also the one in Dezaporlia Tunnel. Got four skunk girls, but formed a contract with two and a Mermaid Queen.

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  • The Tomato Fairy
    Remember that I made a category page and infobox for weapons and added a spear called Tonbokiri. I know that I was intimidated over how and what the words mean, so I decided to interpret it for newbies who didn't know how to read it. I'm a bit worried if I messed it up, but hey I did something.

    Armor Class is basically, added defense, the lesser the AC the lesser the damage enemies can inflict against you. Meanwhile, I'm still confused over what to call the "Race strengths and weaknesses" is officially called. And Devilish is considered a class, the weapons considered it as such. But not all recruited monsters are devilish, all the creatable character race that are recruited go like that. They have the little icon, though.

    If there's anyone he…

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  • The Tomato Fairy


    April 20, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    I found a fairy staff in Rosslie Ruins, and it has 3-30 damage and thrice the attack attributes! I knew fairies has the potential to be good casters. It's the highest I'd seen towards staves so far. Then, I picked up two Flamebergs in Afur Zar Light Cave.

    Got duped by a seductress to break the bloody altar to get rid of the light seal (though I still think it's unfairly persecuting anything non-human. Sedna Is good, for one so .

    I hit a stump so far over Rosslie Ruins and Afur Zar, but finally I finished the fiend at Great Yap Gotz and it was sad due to how he was made to seal the evils, but he got possessed. He mentioned that if he gets possessed again, it'd be better if he'd be killed, then he stopped responding.

    There was a disgusting huge bug…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    The biggest thing that made me fall in love with the game is the vast array of characters, that despite being recolored, most had been put much thought and care coloring and designing it. At least, with almost all of them. So I wanted to put as much monsters and art as possible with each of them.

    I've been thinking of adding transparent images straight from the game, descriptions and thought with each page, but at this rate nothing will get done so most of it is information added from the Monster Encyclopedia. I haven't put the location, but those can be found in the JP Wiki and I can add it when I want to do so. (On another note, still seeking to upload the Tarot Cards in order.)

    My eyesight has been shitty eversince I crashed the frame, so…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Plot confirmed.

    April 18, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    Egg babbies will rule the planet.

    The game has plot, subtly woven in the story as it is. The Kingdom offers you to investigate the dungeons, quests that will help us give a feel over what's happening with the world -- exploring different kinds of environments, traps and switches, and what NPCs are saying.

    NPCs implied over human's prejudice over monsters, having to abandon its half-monster child, unnecessary slaying over monsters in the Rosslie Ruins, the first monster kid that appeared having a demon form and now a witch who mentioned over how non-human races weren't accepted, such as witches, dragon newts and werebeasts but now they do.

    I bet it's due to the church's teachings and worshipping of the Gods, which is supposedly the "Light". Wh…

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  • The Tomato Fairy

    Hi, hi.

    April 17, 2015 by The Tomato Fairy

    I hope you're enjoying your stay here at the wiki, the rest of the articles aren't polished well enough to look professional due to being copied from the forums and written in a personal tone, so help would be appreciated. As softcorps (good editor, that guy) had noted, most of the information came from the Japanese Wiki itself, then the official guide which is lacking in detail. Otherarrow, my sweet boyfriend-fiance thingy, helped me make an infobox template and I unpacked game info because I was looking for in-game backgrounds and sprites to use for the wiki.

    The background is from Steam backgrounds, I forgot what its called but its very pretty.

    Even when I think things I write are lacking in detail and I'm slow to work, that's why other u…

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