Contract is a spell for the Summoner class. Usable only in combat, it allows them to form a contract with an enemy monster, immediately dismissing it from battle and adding it into the pool of summonable monsters for the summoner. It comes in 7 different tiers, and the relative effectiveness of each of them increases as you go up the tiers (Editor's Note: Well, I think it does.).

Contract has a rather low success rate, but you can increase it by:

  1. Being of a much higher level than the target monster. This is by far the most important factor. To ensure successful capture, try to be at least 5 levels above the target.
  2. Reducing the enemy monster's resistance with the Alchemist spell Rapidos. The aforementioned spell's effect can stack from multiple casts, so cast away for increased success rates. You can check how much you've lowered a monsters resistance in combat by hitting the Info/Inspect button (default: F key).
  3. You can also reduce an enemy's resistance by having your Brawler do a 4-combo Clean Hit on it. The effect, however, lasts for only a turn so use turn ordering (Default: Q key) to ensure your Brawler takes action before your Summoner. This is unfortunately a risky plan, since there's a chance your Brawler will outright kill the monster.
  4. Since it's important for the monster to be alive for Contract, try debilitating it using status effects ad spells like Rood (paralyse), Misama (sleep), and Stoma (petrify) so that the Contract procedure goes without trouble. Different monsters have different resistances, so be sure to check the Monster Encyclopedia to help you choose which status effect is most effective on the target.

Bear in mind that Bosses and special event characters are often immune to Contract, as indicated by their 100% Summon resistance. This cannot be lowered through any means, be it the spell Rapidos or a Brawler's Clean Hit. The game's action log will tell you explicitly if the target cannot be contracted.

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