Important Keys Edit

Here are the keyboard buttons that would aid getting used over the PC keyboard. The buttons to keep an eye for are Q, E, F and ESC.

Name Description Keys
Camp Displays Character Status, Identify,

Change Order, Key Items,

Look for Comrade, Return

System Menu Displays Adventure Records,

Pause Adventure, Monster Encyclopedia,

Item Encyclopedia, Options, Return

Map Uses a consumable map, or infinitely

until it breaks with Goblin Map.

Info Changes the information

displayed on the screen,

checks for switches and secret doors.

Move cursor Moves in a dungeon, and

changes highlighted buttons

←, →, ↑, ↓ ADWS
Select Chooses the highlighted button. ENTER ↵
Shifting left and right Changes one character screen to another PgDn, PgUp

All Menu Screens Edit

Function Keys
Move cursor ←, →, ↑, ↓ ADWS
Select ENTER ↵
Cancel ESC
Auto-read text E

Equipment Screen Edit

Function Keys
Displays current equipment ENTER ↵
Exit equipment screen ESC
Exit item display F
Withdraw currently equipped items E

Combat Screen Edit

Function Keys
Move cursor ←, →, ↑, ↓ ADWS
Select ENTER ↵
Check battle progress F
All-out attack E
Repeat commands from last round PgDn
Action order PgUp

Exploring dungeons Edit

Function Key
Move forward ↑, W
Turn right →, D
Turn left ←, A
Turn around/skip backward ↓, S
Move forward, open door* ENTER ↵
Open Camp Menu Q
Investigate F
Use map items, display map E
Open System Menu ESC
Strafe right PgDn
Strafe left PgUp

Trivia Edit

  • In the official manual, it mentioned over kicking of doors instead of opening it. Which explains the loud opening of doors when exploring dungeons. Kicking down doors isn't apparent while simply exploring the dungeon, though, and is probably up to the player's interpretation.
  • Strafe left and right dashes from left to right when in the dungeon. Its use in the dungeon presumably is over falling into pits, where turning left and right causes damage towards the party.
  • While in battle, it is possible to reorder the one who'd attack by using Action Order. However, the character and enemies' Agility plays into account here.
  • Check Battle keeps track of the buff and debuffs casted, as well as currently active Tarot Cards.