The Degus Gila Ice Caves are the fifth overall dungeon the party must visit through the adventure. With a higher monster rate then the previous dungeons, it is advised to attempt the caves with a Lv15 or higher party.

Being an ice themed dungeon, as one might expect, some floors are very slippery, making navigation through the lower floors very difficult.

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Talk to the adventurer in B1F, coordinates (x9,y13), he will inform the party of an airstone located at B3F (x2,y0) that upgrades the spell Sosareo, which will allow you to walk over slippery ice floors.

Then head to B1F (x19,y0) and fight two Doppelgangers. Next head to B4F (x19,y0) to fight Doppelgangers imitating your party members.

17.Monster Pelt

Speak to the merchant at the Village Square to trigger this event; he wants the party to obtain five Bulky Hides from the Norse Tyrants inhabiting the Ice Caves.

Note: Norse Tyrants can be found in larger numbers at B3F, making the search easier.

Reward(s): 20,000 GP, Ice Bow of Frost Cloak (you can only choose one).

18.Trial of Ice

In B4F, at coordinates (x9,y10), speak to the old man who will challenge the party to defeat three powerful dragons: the Snow Dragon, Sapphire Dragon and Water Dragon.

Reward: Havoc Hammer.

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Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Entrance01:35

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Middle01:35

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Middle

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Depths02:09

Elminage Gothic Degus Gila Ice Cave-Depths

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