It is the third dungeon in the game, accesible only if the party obtains a key from an old man in Guatella Grotto.

An old abandoned mine where many lost villagers are claimed to be found, among them the Minister of the Igdra Church from the Village Square.

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13.Visiting the priest

The goal of this event is to find the Minister, who has been kidnapped by a powerful demon and has been subject of dark rituals, thus transforming him in to a monster.

The minister is found at B1F in coordenates (x6,y18), and after he is defeated, his soul is released and passes to the afterlife.

Trivia Edit

At floor 1F(north section), in coordinates (x14,y15), the Minister´s diary can be found, giving an insight about his discoveries of people being kidnapped and turned into demons.

This dungeon shares the same music theme as the Caves of Tsun-Kurn.

The Hanged Man and Klein, which were monsters exclusive to the 3DS remake of the game, were added in the PC port. They can be found in B1F.

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Elminage Gothic Caves of Tsun Kurn-Entrance01:17

Elminage Gothic Caves of Tsun Kurn-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Caves of Tsun Kurn-Middle01:27

Elminage Gothic Caves of Tsun Kurn-Middle

Elminage Gothic Caves of Tsun Kurn-Depths01:17

Elminage Gothic Caves of Tsun Kurn-Depths

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