Edomo Senior
Edomo Senior
Description: Unidentified ObjectLevel: 14
Race: ChimericGender: --
Age: UnknownAlignment: Good
Status HealthyLocation: Great Tree Yap-Gotz

An enemy appearing over the basement of the Great Tree Yap-Gotz, it has patterns that look like the crisp blue sky, mountains and trees. It has the good alignment, is healthy and starts at level 14.

The basement of the Great Tree Yap-Gotz has stronger enemies than the ones on top.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Stats and Gains
HP: 56/56AC: 8
STR: 16INT: 10
AGI: 15LUCK 10
EP: 3672GP: 63

Edomo Senior boasts balanced stats, having high strength, vitality, and agility. However, its Armor Class is low so it's more vulnerable to attacks. Its EP and GP payoff is high, regardless of appearing in an early dungeon.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Battle Abilities
Action: 2Weapon Break: --
Break: --Range Infinite: Yes
Escape: --Reinforce: --
Status Recovery Rate: 30.0%Turn Recovery: 0 HP

Interestingly enough, an Edoomo Senior has infinite range and attacks two times per turn. It has a decent chance over recovering from status effects.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Automatic Effects
Physical Attack Power Up+1Empty Slot
Empty SlotEmpty Slot
Empty SlotEmpty Slot
Empty SlotEmpty Slot

It has one skill, and it's Physical Attack Power Up+1, which drastically increases its attack power in proportion to its level.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Mage: 5%Cleric: 5%
Alchemy 5%Summon: 30%
Fire: 0.0Fire: 0.0
Water: 0.0Water: 0.0
Thunder: 0.0Thunder: 0.0
Holy: 0.0Holy: 0.0
Dark: 0.0Dark: 10.0

The enemy has slight spell resistance to mage, cleric and alchemy spells, and a low resistance towards forming a contract. Dark is the only spell that it has a resistance over, and it's a slight 10%.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Double-Strike Configuration
Chimeric: =Chimeric: =
Undead: =Undead: =
Elemental: =Elemental: =
Insect: =Insect: =
Animal: =Animal: =
Mythical: =Mythical: =
Ghost: =Ghost: X
Devil: =Devil: =
Dragon: =Dragon: =
Fighter: =Fighter: =
Mage: =Mage: =
Cleric: =Cleric: =
Thief: =Thief: =
Beast: =Beast: =
Giant: =Giant: =
God: =God: =

It can attack all enemy races on its main and sub-weapon, save for Ghost, which can be hit only with the main handed weapon.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Special Move/Resistance %
Sleep: 0.0Sleep: 0.0Sleep: 20.0
Poison: 0.0Poison: 0.0Poison: 20.0
Paralysis: 0.0Paralysis: 0.0Paralysis: 70.0
Silence: 0.0Silence: 0.0Silence: 20.0
Confusion: 0.0Confusion: 0.0Confusion: 20.0
Charm: 0.0Charm: 0.0Charm: 70.0
Petrify: 0.0Petrify: 0.0Petrify: 70.0
Beheaded: 0.0Beheaded: 0.0Beheaded: 20.0
Drain: 0.0Drain: 0.0Drain: 70.0

It has high resistance rates towards paralysis, charm, petrify and drain -- which gives it an edge for resisting being paralyzed the whole time in the dungeon, hitting itself and enemies, turning into stone and being level drained.

Towards the other resistances, it has a slight chance of resisting sleep, poison, silence, confusion and beheading.

Edomo Senior Portrait
NoneNoneNone None
None -- -- --

It has no usable spells.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Main: E StrikeSub: Empty Slot
Head: Empty SlotBody: Empty Slot
Hand: Empty SlotLeg: Empty Slot
Acc-1: Empty SlotAcc-2: Empty Slot

Stike is a monster-exclusive weapon. It cannot be stolen.

Edomo Senior Portrait
Potion 1Sun Herb 1
Mystery Herb 1Empty Slot
Empty SlotEmpty Slot
Empty SlotEmpty Slot
Empty SlotEmpty Slot

It carries what most monsters normally carry.

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