Name: Flameberge
Unidentified name:  ? Sword
Class: Fighter, valkyrie, and lord.
Race: Human, elf, dwarf, gnome, hotlet, werebeast, dragonewt and devilish.
Gender: Male and female.
Alignment: Good, neutral and evil.
Type: Double-handed weapon
Range: Small

Description Edit

The Flameberge is a powerful double handed sword in comparison to the other equipments sold, first found as an single purchase expensive item at the Jadgebol Shoppe. As a two handed sword, it cannot be equipped with a shield or sub handed sword; and it must be used by a unit on the front row against the enemy on the front row due to its range. As implied by the name, the sword deals fire damage, and adds thirty percent defense attributes towards fire and water (which, personally should be changed to ice).

It can be used by fighters, valkyries, and lords of any gender and alignment, and by any race except for the fairy.

It can be used as an item in battle to cast a fire spell which hits an entire row, however after using it too many times, it will break.

Stats Edit

  • Hit Accuracy: 1
  • Damage: 6-18
  • AC Adjustment: 0
  • Status Recovery Rate: 0.0
  • Attack rate: 1
  • Lowered AC ability: Off
  • Turn recovery: 0

Spell-resistance Edit

  • Mage: 0
  • Cleric:0
  • Alchemy: 0
  • Summon: 0

Attributes Edit

Element Attack-attribute Defense-attribute
Fire 30% 30%
Water 0 30%
Thunder 0 0
Holy 0 0
Dark 0 0

Attack frequency for racesEdit

Chimeric =
Undead =
Elemental =
Insect =
Animal =
Mythical =
Ghost =
Devil =
Dragon =
Fighter =
Magic =
Cleric =
Thief =
Beast =
Giant =
God =

Status Ailments Edit

Resistance Rate (%) Activate Resist
Sleep 0 0
Poison 0 0
Paralysis 0 0
Silence 0 0
Confusion 0 0
Charm 0 0
Petrify 0 0
Beheaded 0 0
Drain 0 0

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