It is the second storyline dungeon the party must visit, the purpose of this dungeon is to find an old man who gives the party a key to access the next dungeon: Dezaporlia Tunnel.

There is an underwater section at B3F, so the party will need to create an Air seed at the Alchemy warehouse to proceed further into the dungeon.

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4.Old Man of the Mine

At B1F (x4,y4) you will find an old man who gives the player a key to open the Dezaporlia Tunnel.

Further Notes Edit

In B2F (secret area), at coordinates (x9,y6) a doll can be found; this item must be given to an old man in the Cave of the Ancients.

Trivia Edit

The living statue Avi, which makes its debut in Elminage Original, returns to challenge players to death.

The underwater section at B3F and the secret B2F area are entirely optional.

This dungeon and the Rosslie Ruins are the only dungeons in the game to feature an underwater section.

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Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Entrance01:05

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Middle01:05

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Middle

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Depths01:05

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Depths

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Underground Lake01:37

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Underground Lake

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