The air element-themed and sixth overall dungeon in the game: with a labyrinth like structure, multiple chasms and air vents that lead players to upper or lower floors, it is very easy to get lost, so make sure to bring many magical maps.

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19.Find the son

Talk to the Searching Father in the Village Plaza. Go to Hastrana B2F (x16,y13) to find the missing child who gives the party a pendant. Then return to his father with the given pendant.

Reward: Stampy Stamp.

20.Blowhole crying

Talk to the man in Hastrana B1F (x0,y12), who will ask you to find five crying stones located at random points in Hastrana. After finding the stones, go to B6F(x,y) and defeat Tsarl.

Reward: Skylark Bow.

21.Aid seeking fairy

Go to Hastrana B2F (x9,y2), and talk to the fairy looking for his lost friend.

You will find the lost fairy in Hastrana B3F (x0,y15), guarded by a Giro. After defeating the monster, return to both of them at B2F (x14,y10).

Reward: Star Rod.

Trivia Edit

This dungeon and the Great Tree Yap Gotz are the only places where the party can find Fairies.

This dungeon shares the same music theme as the Guatella Grotto.

Hastrana is one of the biggest and most confusing dungeons in the game.

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Music Edit

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Entrance01:05

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Middle01:05

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Middle

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Depths01:05

Elminage Gothic Guatella Grotto-Depths

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