The Hunter is a combination of Thief + FIghter. 

Class: Swift Attack. Has limited uses but lets you attack first. You can use any weapon.

Class: Pursuit. Does an extra attack to a single enemy at the end of the turn if they have a status ailment (Might require a Bow to be equipped.) Uses up SP, which is like MP but just for this skill.

Class: Thief skills

Mastery: Phys Damage Up (232.0%)

Mastery: Machine Gun Pursuit: Pursuit can hit an unlimited number of enemies.

Starting Class: C. No hunter abilities are passed on when changing to another class.

Ending Class: A. It's hard to use Alchemy to make L range gear, so bows are now attractive. Enemies cannot dodge pursuit so it's useful for high evade enemies. And for some reason if they classchange from Alchemist they keep all 9 casts of those spells.

No Class Change: C. Bows are useful but there's no Innocent Bow.

Apparently Pursuit spam is really quite useful.