The Magic Herb is a special herb that can be used only by Servants. It can be used to restore the magic points of party members, but also as an ingredient in mixing recipes.

Using the Magic Herb restores 1 MP to every party member. If mixed with a Sun Herb, it creates a stack of 9 Full-Health Potions.

How to obtain: Edit

  • Can be bought at Jadgebol Shoppe for 18000 gold, but they only have 5.
  • One is received as a reward for completing the Mother's Memento quest.
  • Picked up randomly at the floor by a Servant, or growing on walls in the Great Tree Yap Gotz.
  • When found growing on a wall and appraised by a Bishop, it might turn into Junk. Servants can accurately identify herbs when it's first picked.

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