The Monster Encyclopedia can be accessed at the Ishmag Castle, or by opening the system/pause menu (Default: Esc key). It has the character information, stats, resistance rates, along with its items equipped and on hand of each monster and NPCs in the game.

Description Edit

In the opening, it has been said that monsters are created by the dark gods to spread chaos to a peaceful world, but such a viewpoint is a stiff explanation of that. Hence the reason why townsfolk normally have a bad perception of having monsters as a party member.

There are 12 enemy races, most of which are recruitable as an additional attacker or summoned as a new character using Spirit Pact. To this end, the encyclopedia is essential to determine the resistances and attributes of the monsters, allowing you to choose the most effective status effect (e.g. Sleep) to use on your target during contracting procedures. You can also check whether or not a monster is even recruitable; one with a 100% Summon resistance means you cannot recruit it ever, even with the help of resistance lowering spells or attacks. Most bosses and event monsters are of this kind.

Another use of the Monster Encyclopedia is determining Steal targets for your Thief. Certain equipments are monster-exclusive, and the only way to get them is with a high level Thief who has learned both Equipment Removal and Steal. Note that 'weapons'  named after attack types (e.g. Strike, Charge, Slash) cannot be removed by a Thief, and thus cannot be stolen.

When you encounter a new enemy, its entry will only be given in the encyclopedia after you've defeated it. Running from a battle against a new enemy will not yield the corresponding encyclopedia entry.

Races Edit

There are twelve enemy races in the game, while four classes have their own sections. All NPCs, despite not appearing in battle have their own information so that is worth noting, as well.

















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