A dangerous volcano full of powerful and deadly monsters, serves as the twelfth dungeon and the penultimate in the normal storyline.

The first floor has several mining spots, the second floor is divided in north and south sections, they also have many mining spots and the final floors have areas full of lava, so the Sosareo spell is needed to avoid taking damage.

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Events Edit

43. Spirited Away

Start by talking to a grup of adventurers on B1F who will ask the party to find their abducted child.

Once you reach the bottommost floor, head to (x10,y11) and defeat the boss.

Reward: Power Axe.

Further notes Edit

The Nga-Nga Magic Volcano can only be unlocked after you defeat a certain monster at the Ishmag Underground Sanctum,at B3F (x3,y8).

Trivia Edit

The player can encounter Hellmasters on every floor of the volcano, which summon a row of Cerberus from time to time. Considering the party is powerful enough, you can keep defeating many Cerberus over and over again,thus gaining a lot of EXP and gold.

The above strategy can also be used to farm Hellmaster and Cerberus materials, which can be sold for extra money.

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Music Edit

Elminage Gothic Nga Nga Magic Volcano-Entrance02:25

Elminage Gothic Nga Nga Magic Volcano-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Nga Nga Magic Volcano-Middle02:25

Elminage Gothic Nga Nga Magic Volcano-Middle

Elminage Gothic Nga Nga Magic Volcano-Depths02:25

Elminage Gothic Nga Nga Magic Volcano-Depths

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