A water-element dungeon and eight overall in the game, full of aquatic creatures such as mermaids, poisonous fish and other sea critters.

The player must be careful of several trap floors that will drag the party underwater, giving only less the a minute of oxygen, unless an Air Seed is equipped. The oxygen timer will keep running even if the party is no longer underwater, unless you move to another floor or exit the dungeon.

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27.Disappearance Ruins

Given by a warrior at Rosslie Ruins 1F (x5,y9).The man asks the party to defeat a demon found at the bottommost floor of the ruins.

Note: the door to the boss lair B2F (x13,y10) is locked, requiring the party to find and press eight switches scatterred through the floor. Once the door is unlocked, head to (x17,y10) and defeat Otohm.

28.Ruined Household

Given by a men at the Dondun´s Tavern, he requires two stone carvings found at B1F (x15,y15).

Note: you can only carry one carving at a time so you´ll need to return for the last one, not a problem, since you can use the Diomente spell.

Reward: Revival Tonic.

29.Lamenting Woman

Given by a crying woman in Rosslie Ruins B1F (x1,y14). After you destroy the altar at B2F (x13,y7), report back to the woman.

Further notes Edit

At 1F (x10,y2) the party will trigger a scene that unlocks the Afum Zar Light Cave.

The Rosslie Ruins can only be unlocked after you speak to a NPC in the 2F (x10,y3) in Uhlm Zakir Hall.

Trivia Edit

This is the third elemental dungeon in the game, being the Degus Gila Ice Cave the first and Hastrana the second.

The Rosslie Ruins and the Guatella Grotto are the only dungeons with underwater sections.

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Elminage Gothic Rosslie Ruins-Entrance01:20

Elminage Gothic Rosslie Ruins-Entrance

Elminage Gothic Rosslie Ruins-Middle01:20

Elminage Gothic Rosslie Ruins-Middle

Elminage Gothic Rosslie Ruins-Depths02:39

Elminage Gothic Rosslie Ruins-Depths

Elminage Gothic-Out of Air!!!!00:46

Elminage Gothic-Out of Air!!!!

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