The Staff of Transformation is an optional Key Item obtainable in the bottommost floor on the Cave of the Ancients.

To obtain this item the party must find a secret door on coordinates (x2,y6) and speak to the robed figure at (x2,y8) to obtain it.

At the Training School the player can edit their Custom Portraits with those of any gender, race, face and style of characters. For example, an Alchemist can have the face and style of a Fighter and a Bishop that of a Dragonewt.

The staff also allows to use load face and styles of monsters, as well as bosses in the Bestiary, however, the monsters must be defeated first in order to become available.

Trivia Edit

This item is completely optional and its main purpose is to add more customization options at the Training School.

This feature is available only on the PSP version and the PC port since the 3DS remix adds another feature which involves using face load via the 3DS camera.

Gallery Edit

Face Load Edit

Style Load Edit

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