Thieves are unparalled in thievery skills like dealing with treasure chest traps and locks, as well stealing and unequipping enemies' items. Decent physical attackers, but average HP growth and average selection of defensive gear. Elminage Gothic has less useful items to steal compared to previous games, so Thieves are not as essential now (supposed fixed in the 3DS version).

Basic Skills: +1 Thief Skills: Can discover secrets, auto-hide in combat, execute surprise attacks when hidden, and detect and disable traps on treasure chests. Higher success rate over other classes with thievery skills.

Mastery Skills (level 26):

  • Physical Attack UP: Physical attack power increases with level, up to 264.0%.
  • Equipment Removal: Unequip the enemy's gear, weakening them and making that equipment available for stealing. Can be used from the back row (front row enemy targets only), but the range can be increased with an Alchemist spell.
  • Steal: Steal the enemy's unequipped items. Range can also be increased with Alchemist magic.

Optional Unique EX Skill: Pass-Along Theft: If you steal and your inventory is full, you automatically pass the item to a party member.

Starting Class: C. They pass along nothing to other classes.

Ending Class: B. They aren't as good as magic for traps -- even a high level thief doesn't hit 100%. Unfortunately, they over-nerfed enemy gear in Elminage Gothic (they fixed this in Elminage Gothic 3DS) and outside of bosses there's not as much good gear to get.

No Class Changes: C. Innocent gear is nice, but being able to cast spells is better. The Mirage gear is a special set of Innocent gear that the Thieves can steal.

  • With the nerfs to enemy gear Thieves don't shine as well as they used to. With Hunters now keeping up to 9 casts of all the Alchemist spells, it's hard to justify a pure thief.