Training School

The Training School is a very important area on the Ishmag Kingdom an it is run by the Knight of the Realm.

Here the player can create party members from all the races and classes available in the game, as well as change the party setup.

The customization options include class change once a member has reached a certain level, for example, a Fighter can be changed into a Brawler or a Samurai and a Mage can be changed into an Alchemist, Valkyrie or Bishop.

The player can also edit any information of the party: change name, gender, distribute Bonus Points (BP) and change a member´s face and style with any PNG image.

Once the Staff of Transformation is aquired more face and style customization becomes available; now the player can use monster portraits as face load and style load.

Inhabitants Edit

Trivia Edit

The player can choose to fight the Knight of the Realm, either as a practice battle or to obtain easy EXP. He is not a difficult opponent and you can obtain good low level equipment from him.

Later in the game a golden armored knight named Beknoske will appear. He will ask the party to help him hunt down a group of witches in the Nga Nga Magic Volcano.

Gallery Edit

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